• Odendala has reviewed Rockler Detail Sanders 5 months ago

    Rating: 5 out of 5

    12 for the price of 6!! – I have been struggling to get the juice grooves in my cutting boards properly sanded after routing without changing the edge contours, and this product has made my year! Easy to hold, easy to use, and not only do you get 6 different sizes for the concave sandings, but 6 on the opposite sides for the convex sandings too, so great to use for the round overs on my boards and other projects. Sandpaper is held on firmly by hand pressure only, and it is easy to swap out grits between sandings without too much fiddle. As with all Rockler products, these have been designed by woodworker for woodworkers – people who understand the day to day challenges we face in small shops especially. Well worth the $ paid.

    Detail Sanders