• Rating: 4 out of 5

    Had a chance to use the new plunge saw today. I had two specific jobs in mind for this, the first was to cut a panel out of my assembly table to drop my table saw in, and the latter was to rip down sheets of plywood, MDF etc. The saw cuts nicely and delivers well, but I think the sheet ripping exercise will likely go better than the plunge panel cut. I added two permanent marks on the side of the saw to mark where it cuts from and to, these would have been easier to add on the plate by the manufacturer. I cut through the wood panel but having structural timbers below made the job worse – having a sabre saw now seems essential for these type of jobs. The size of the blade being 115 mm also means there was a significant radius to the cut and there are limited clamp down options with the supplied clamps not offering too much help. I think all in all the saw works as expected, but helps more as a sheet rip down tool than for a proper plunge activity. If you are plunging into thin stock you should be fine but I think anything over 10 mm you will have difficulty. Another thing to mention is that you can get extra track if the 1m supplied is insufficient. This is a bit of a process, and the supplied tracks were full 1 metre tracks instead of 3 x 330 mm pieces but the price from T4W was lower than ordering direct from the OEM.