Tools4Wood February Competition

This Competition is now CLOSED!

The Competition

We would like to see what you have been up to in your Workshop lately.

To enter the February Competition, please:

  1. Email us some pictures of your latest wood working project with a short description.
  2. We will post your project onto our Facebook page

There are two ways to win:

  1. Get the most likes of Facebook and you will win the Sjobergs Smart Workstation Pro
  2. The Tools4Wood team will vote on the last day for the project we liked the most. The project we choose will win the Sjobergs Smart Vise

Note: The more pictures, and more detailed descriptions you send us, the better.

Please read the Terms and Conditions below

Win with most Facebook Likes

Sjobergs Smart Workstation Pro

Win if Tools4Wood likes your project the most

Sjobergs Smart Vise

Please read the Terms & Conditions below before entering the competition .

Terms & Conditions

Please Read

  1. Please only send us pictures that are yours. Do not send in pictures that you do not own.
  2. Your pictures and description will be uploaded to our Facebook page. Please do not submit unless you agree to this.
  3. We will send you a link to your entry on Facebook, which you are welcome to share with your friends and family.
  4. The competition runs from 1st of February to the 28th of February 2019. One winner will be decided by the number of reactions (ie likes, smiley faces, etc) on the Facebook Post. Comments and Shares are not counted. If you are not happy with this judging criteria please do not enter. The second winner will be decided by Tools4Wood on the basis of the one we like the most.