Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs & Screws South Africa

Kreg Jigs are now a household name in South Africa. The unique pocket hole joinery system is arguably one of the biggest leaps in woodworking in recent times. Their slogan, Drill, Drive, Done sums up this brilliant system. Simply clamp your workpiece into your Kreg Jig, drill the pocket hole, align your workpieces and then drive the screw for a quick fast, strong joint.

Most Kreg Jigs have multiple hole drill guides, eliminating the need to re-clamp your workpiece. These guides are hardened and carry a lifetime warranty.

Kreg also specializes in an extensive range of clamps, and clamping systems. Most impressive of these are the Automaxx clamps, which do not require any manual adjustment. The auto-clamp your workpiece regardless of thickness, and apply just the right amount of clamping force. Good quality clamps are absolutely essential when it comes to making the perfect Kreg joint.

Workspace products like the Kreg Track Horse and the Kreg Mobile Project Center make your woodworking convenient, fun and precise. Various lengths of clamp tracks, designed to work with your Kreg Bench Clamps, make creating your own custom workbench a real possibility, at an affordable price.

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