The Plunge Saws You Need Right Now

Circular saws

For many years, weekend woodworkers and Destroy It Yourself-ers have had to settle with owning circular saw with universal guide rails, simply because our weekend hobby did not justify spending an arm and a leg on “the best machine available” – especially when we know that this machine will probably only be barely used on occasion. The market has changed quite a lot since then. 

With the influx of new power tool brands being introduced every year, the market has since become flooded with quite a few solutions for those wishing to buy a circular saw today.

Why get a plunge saw?

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A great question, you already have your circular saw and can probably acquire a universal guide rail (like the one offered by Wolfcraft) quite easily – so why do you need a plunge saw.

While a circular saw usually requires the user to begin the cut at the end of the material, the plunge cut saw enables the user to begin the cut at any point on the material. This combined with the dedicated guide rails available specifically made for these saws (reducing any chance of play and inevitable inaccuracies makes the plunge saw the ideal hand-held saw to use when cutting out worktops for sinks and when resizes factory-cut boards.

What is available out there?

The Festool range of plunge saws is amongst the best on the planet right now, and this has been the case for a few decades now. Although slightly on the pricier end, these are plunge saws practically define the category. Bringing you German quality plunge saws with guide rail systems made to impress the professional, these are what all aspiring professional woodworkers dream about

Festool TS 55 REBQ-Plus-FS Circular Saw (561580)


The most popular saw from the German power tool specialists, the Festool TS 55 REBQ-Plus-FS system has been the shopfitters trusty tool for the past three decades.

Sold with a 1400mm guide rail and a solid, advanced base plate made specifically for this guide rail – this is the complete package for the hardworking carpenter and shopfitter. 

An excellent feature found on the Festool TS 55 Plunge Saw is the ultra-flat and, thanks to the inward-pointing extractor connector, completely flat housing. With nobody, it is possible to saw close to the edges with a minimum 12 mm wall spacing. Available with a viewing window or splinter guard, the TS 55 R gives you even more control and perfect results. 

Another key feature is the newly developed spacer wedge. It stands out in front of the saw blade, provides safety, and guarantees precise positioning in existing saw cuts. There is also an extended angle setting and a dual display for cutting depth adjustment. This ensures even more precision and easy operation. Overall the best circular saw we have ever made.

A plunge saw which is on par with the Festool saws mentioned here is the Makita SP 6000J Plunge Saw Kit.

Makita Plunge Saw Sp6000J(K) + 1400 Rail + Clamps - PTS

The Makita Plunge Cut Circular Saw and 55” Guide Rail (model SP6000J) work together to produce accurate cuts with minimal tear-out. The saw combines a powerful 12amp motor and a large cutting capacity with magnesium components for less weight and electronic speed control to maintain constant speed under load for smooth cutting and a splinter-free mirror finish. The SP6000J1 is a more portable option to a table saw for select applications, and it is ideal for use on the Jobsite or in a workshop.

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