Nobex – Mitre Saws from Sweden

Mitre boxes have been used in woodworking for years, especially useful in times when angled cuts are necessary and power is unavailable. The very fine teeth found on a tradition backsaw or gents saw are ideal for picture framing enthusiasts seeking more control and wishing to use hand tools as opposed to a powered miter saw for their cuts. 

There is one company that has dedicated its efforts to progressing the quality and efficiency of miter boxes specifically for picture framers. Nobex Mitre Saws are made in Sweden by a company that has been dedicated to fine woodworking for over 30-years. They offer a money-back guarantee on their high-quality picture framing miter saws.

NOBEX Milter Saw Proman 110

With a patented design for compound miter cuts, the Proman has lockable preset angles for quick and precise miter cuts. These cuts can be made for 4, 5, 6, 8 and 12 sided frames. The Nobex Proman 110 Mitre Saw also includes an automatic saw suspension function that offers safe positioning for your stock. The saw also includes material support to make cuts on longer pieces of stock easier and more precise. 

This miter saw has a guaranteed accuracy tolerance of +/- 0.2 degrees.

The length stop on the Nobex Proman is specifically designed for mitered cuts with a maximum length of 730mm at 45-degrees. This length can be further extended with the optional purchase of a 1100mm length stop which will increase your maximum cut to 1265mm.

NOBEX Milter Saw Champion 180

For those looking for a longer maximum cutting ability of 860mm (and 1 335mm with the optional addition of a 1100mm length stop. This Nobex miter saw model features everything found on the Proman 110 model and also includes a depth-stop for pre-setting a repeatable cutting depth for increased work efficiency. 

This miter saw has a guaranteed high accuracy tolerance of +/- 0.08 degrees.

Although often quite expensive, these manual miter saw options are the ideal alternatives for the picture framing purist. These miter saws also offer various types of blades for different kinds of sawing.

Nobex also offers a range of accessories to assist you in your picture framing efforts:

NOBEX 505 Magnetic Saw Stand

This saw stand uses three magnets to hold any of your handsaws in place while cutting at any desired angle. The saw stand has preset stops at 45°, 90°, and 135° and also includes two lugs on the body which lock the stand on the face edge of the timber.

NOBEX Multifix

The ideal tool for accurately measuring the inside and outside of any corner over the range of 70° to 180°. Once measured, this measurement is then divided into two and can then be automatically transferred onto your miter saw (or your disc sander fence). A great tool for matching both cornices and skirtings.

NOBEX Octo Folding Square

This square is much like the traditional tri-square which differs in that it can be folded to 8 highly accurate angle stops (157.5°, 135°, 112°, 90°, 67.5°, 45°, and 22.5°). This square offers accuracy to 0.05 degrees with various lengths available: 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm.

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