Multi-Sharp – The Cost Effective Way to Sharpen Your Tools

Tool sharpening can become an extremely technical, fancy, and ultimately expensive part of your entire workflow. The specialized sharpening systems which are made available to the home woodworker and DIY enthusiast can range from either being exorbitantly expensive to down-right impractical and ultimately useless. The Multi-Sharp range of sharpening jigs makes sharpening very accessible to the home user. With some of their systems requiring nothing more than a simple home drilling machine to power them. Today, we explore the full range of Multi-Sharp tool sharpeners that are available to the South African market.

The Multi-Sharp Drill Bit Sharpener (MS2001)

MULTI-SHARP Drill Bit Sharpener | Adendorff Machinery Mart

Designed to Accurately grinds correct tip angles and restores sharp-as-new cutting edges on HSS, center-point wood, flat wood, masonry incl. SDS-Plus. 3-13mm diameter drill bits. This grinding jig has all the angles for correct tip geometry built-in. It positions each type of bit over the wheels to give the correct tip and relief angles. Unique cam action ensures correct tip rake and a chisel edge.

With the ability to extends drill bit life for years, and saves money. The high-quality aluminum oxide and silicon carbide wheels sharpen at least 150 HSS/wood bits and 75 masonry/SDS-Plus bits based on 6.5mm (¼”) diameter size – replacement wheels available.

Able to fit any home drill, this drill bit sharpener re-edges and re-points a whole range of small tools, including carbide-tipped. Makes them easier to use, and extends tool life. The Multi-Sharp MS2001 is also useful as a mini bench grinder.

The Multi-Sharp Wetstone Water-Cooled Chisel & Plane Blade Sharpener (MS3001)

Wetstone Sharpening Attachment (MS3001) | Tools4Wood

Designed to sharpen chisels & plane blades 10-60mm wide (3/8″- 2 3/8″) incl. firmer, bevel edge, and rebate chisels. 25º, 30º, 35º, 40º sharpening angles. The traditional leather strop removes any burr, for a razor-sharp edge.

The water-cooling technique is known by professionals to hone the finest edges. This compact system uses a controlled flow of water to eliminate the over-heating with a dry wheel and a chisel edge. Simply fill the built-in reservoir with water, turn on the power drill and a continuous film of water covers the face of the grinding wheel.

The Multi-Sharp Wetstone resharpens even badly damaged chisels/plane blades quickly because it uses the high power/torque of an electric drill. The chisel clamp accurately holds the blade at the selected angle (25º to 40º) for a precision ground edge.

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