Getting You Router Bits To Do More

In our previous article, we discussed how building your router into a router table turning it into a spindle moulder can improve your ability to cut mouldings and grooves in boards with ease and accuracy. Some changes and improvements can be made without the need to invest as much time and finances into building and buying expensive machines.

Here are a few ways that you can improve your plunge router’s abilities quickly and efficiently.

Router Collet Extensions

Even once you have built your router table, the reach can be an issue that is quick to present itself in many situations. For those using ½” (12.7mm) plunge routers, this can be quickly solved with a router bit collet extension. This router bit collet extension fits onto your current collet and has a 50-70mm long shaft with a secondary ¼”- inch (6.35mm) or ½ -inch (12.7mm) collet outlet for your router bit. This router bit is then secured using an allen key.

Router Collet Extensions Add Versatility to Your Woodworking Router |  Infinity Cutting Tools Blog

Router Bit Guide Bushing Template Set


When working with templates, one needs to be able to follow a template, which guides the router bit, transferring the template’s shape to another piece of wood. Router bit guide bushings are designed to assist with this type of work and are available in various sizes. Because we tend to use the router in almost every aspect of our work, a set is much more beneficial to own than having to guess which sizes you are likely to need the most – a plan which Murphy always seems to destroy. 

Router Bit Bearings

Much like the flexibility in the various spaces found in the different-sized router bit template bushings, changing the size of the bearing on trimming or chamfer bit can add another possibility of versatility you may need. Pro-tech has a range of bearings available for the shank you need, here are a few sizes you can 

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