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Providing air filtration for your workshop may seem like a bit of over-kill for the occasional weekend woodworker. However, for those who spend a better part of their days inside a woodworking workshop – this may be necessary. Especially with the change of season and the current COVID-19 National Lockdown, many of us are now being forced to quarantine ourselves within the confines of our workshops. 

Jet 1000CFM Air Filtration System with Remote

Although most dust extraction systems used by woodworkers are great at collecting dust directly from the surface though connecting to the dust ports of the power tools. Most dust extraction systems do, however, fail when it comes to collecting fine dust particles that are found in the air. Respirable dust particles which are 10 microns and smaller are invisible to the naked eye and can be almost impossible to capture with a typical dust collection set-up. 

In the large quantities coughed out in most wood workshops, these fine dust particles can also potentially pose a serious threat to the human respiratory system, with health consequences ranging from cold and flu-like symptoms or allergic reactions to the risk of certain forms of cancer.

This is why the addition of air filtration units to your dust collection systems is necessary.

Air filtration systems are outfitted with continuous duty motors and high surface-area filters, making them uniquely suited for cleaning your workshop air from fine dust particles. These fairly simple to use and unobtrusive units are easy to install. 

Air filtration in your workshop | IGM Tools & Machinery

Simply hang the air filtration unit from the ceiling of your wood workshop, out of the way of you and your work. From then on, all you would need to do is ensure that you remember to switch the unit on when you are about to begin your work and you would also need to replace the filter from time to time.

Air Filtrations Units Available in South Africa


JET AFS -1000 Air Filter System

Air Filtration Systems for Woodworking Shops | JET® Woodworking ...

The Jet AFS-1000 Air Filtration System is a top of line 0.2kW two-stage air filter which is equipped with useful features, like a remote control on/off switch, three fan speeds, and a timer, so that you can set your Jet AFS-1000 to run for a couple of hours after you finish working.

A great unit for clearing out industrial woodwork space.

Toolmate Air Filter Systems


For a more cost-effective solution for smaller workshops, Toolmate offers a great range of air filter systems at a fraction of the cost of the Jet unit. These units are available in both 1/5HP and 1/9HP capacities.

View our full range of  Air Filters on Tools4Wood.

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