Choosing the Correct Festool Abrasive

Achieving the perfect surface finish depends on the smallest of details. All Festool abrasives and sanding pads are adapted perfectly to the relevant sand as well as the overall system. Economical working and faultless results guaranteed in all sanding applications.



Universal for coarse to fine sanding

Application (sanding):

  • Paint systems compliant VOC regulations
  • Water-diluted clear coats
  • Hard clear coats, undercoats such as GRP
  • Also suitable for conventional clear coats, filler, paints


Perfect for processing wood

Application (sanding):

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Wood composites
  • Tropical wood


For repair compounds, fillers and clear coats

Application (sanding):

  • Synthetic resin, nitro-cellulose, thick-layer and combination fillers, priming filler
  • Primers, reaction primers
  • 2-component materials
  • Water-diluted clear coats
  • Light sanding of top coat / matt sanding prior to repainting
  • Ceramic paints


For perfect preparation for polishing

Application (finishing/matting):

  • High-gloss paints in preparation for polishing
  • Water-diluted clear coats
  • Mineral materials, acrylic glass
  • Plastics


Universal for paints and clear coats

Application (sanding):

  • Acrylic and nitro-cellulose paint, priming varnish, DD lacquer
  • Repair compound, fine and polyester filler
  • Undercoats, fillers, protective paint, primers
  • Preparation prior to priming wood (oil, wood stains)


For preparing coloured, painted coatings

Application (finishing the hardest surfaces):

  • Sanding panel material with a melamine resin coating


For efficient removal of wood and clear coats

Application (coarse sanding):

  • Hard subsurfaces, coatings, old clear coats
  • Worn steps, roughly sawn wooden parts
  • Deburring or rust removal
  • Fibre-reinforced plastics


For light sanding, cleaning, oiling, waxing

Application (matting/light sanding of paints and clear coats):

  • Light sanding old coats of paint before repainting
  • Polishing metal
  • Cleaning wood materials
  • Oiling and waxing natural wood

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