Abortech Carving Basics – Carving with Power

Carving has always been a laborious task including a lot of elbow grease and tools which consistently require sharpening after every cut. Since its inception, Kevin Inkster, the founder of Arbortech and the Inventor of the Woodcarver, prototyped the first of his commercially-produced Arbortech woodworking accessories – the Arbortech Woodcarver Blade. Sold as an angle grinder accessory used to carve and shape wood, the Arbortech Woodcarver paved the way and ushered in a new genre of woodworking known as Power Carving. This American angle grinder accessory manufacturer has made what was once a task reserved for the very skilled and experience, available to the everyday woodworker.

Arbortech IND100 Industrial Woodcarver Blade

Arbortech Industrial Woodcarver Pro Kit | Wood carving tools ...

Since the Woodcarver has undergone a few iterations. The latest of these is the Arbortech IND100 Industrial Woodcarver Blade. This compact blade has been designed to fit onto most standard 100mm/115mm angle grinders, making it a popular choice for many woodworkers (because, everyone has an angle-grinder, right?). Perfect for roughing, trenching, and for straight cuts – this high-quality blade puts an emphasis on safety, control, and performance. The durability of this blade has been tested through over three decades of improvements. One such improvement was the inclusion of replaceable carbide teeth on the blades which makes for a life-long investment for your power-carving.

Arbortech IND400 Industrial Turbo Plane

Arbortech TURBO Plane - Universal-Frässcheibe - FG.400 ...

Another extremely popular and very innovative product offering from the Arbortech range is the Arbortech Turbo Plane blade. This universal wood shaping blade is used as an angle grinder accessory that can be used flat to create large level surfaces or it can be used at a wide range of angles to create shallow cuts for fine shaping, planing, and sculpting of wood. The Arbortech Turbo Plane is a very easy-to-use angle grinder accessory which, unlike your burr discs, is equipped with the SmoothBlade technology that allows for the smoothest finish possible – reducing (and sometimes eliminating) the need for sanding. The Carbide Teeth fixed onto the Arbortech Turbo Plane blade are sharpenable which makes the already durable teeth even longer-lasting.

The wide cutting edge found on each tooth of the TurboPlane leaves a smooth finish requiring minimal sanding. The design of the Arbortech Turbo Plane provides excellent control, balance, and safety with no cutting teeth on blade perimeter).

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