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Workshop Myths – Is Bigger Always Better?

Over the years, as woodworkers, we find ourselves learning a few things along the way. Some of these lessons are given to us kindly by nature and others hurt our bodies and more often than not, also find a way to dig really deep holes in our wallets. One such lesson has been the age-old […]

OSMO – Finishing with Unmatched Quality

Osmo is known in Germany as the brand of the most popular wood finishes with a quality unmatched by any other product currently available. Osmo offers a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to wood finishing. These finishing oils, solvents, and coatings are based on rapidly renewable, natural vegetable oils that penetrate deeply into the wood, […]

The Plunge Saws You Need Right Now

For many years, weekend woodworkers and Destroy It Yourself-ers have had to settle with owning circular saw with universal guide rails, simply because our weekend hobby did not justify spending an arm and a leg on “the best machine available” – especially when we know that this machine will probably only be barely used on […]

Wood Moisture for Beginners

The concept of wood moisture and its importance thereof is an often greatly overlooked aspect of woodworking that is simply too important to look past. Moisture causes the wood to shrink and expand. There will always be some changes with the season, but the largest amount of shrinkage happens when the lumber is drying from […]

Affordable Table Saw Jigs You Don’t Need to Make

Jigs take a lot of time, planning, and material to make. Often we can find ourselves spending more time making tools than actually using tools to make completed pieces of work. Paradoxically though, one is rightfully wary of spending money on just about any jig which comes into the market especially because many of these […]

More Ways To Use Your Circular Saw with Kreg

Getting a table saw or a plunge saw as one of your first purchases is usually a dream for a beginner or weekend woodworker who cannot justify the often highly exorbitant cost of purchasing any of these. Especially when one begins to consider the ramifications of buying a low-cost machine that will most likely become […]

Shou Sugi Ban Wood Burning Technique

Shou Sugi Ban is the traditional Japanese method of preserving wood by charring the surface to create a waterproof finish through carbonisation. Shou Sugi Ban is the traditional Japanese method for preserving wood by charring the surface to bring about carbonisation. This carbonisation process protects the wood against insect attack and creates a waterproof barrier […]

Einhell – Basic DIY Power Tools for The Beginner & Weekend Warrior

Woodworking is like a hard drug. You take one hit and before you know it, you’re going down a long and tumultuous rabbit hole of hard lessons, long hours, and piles of invoices. There is always a need for a brand that will cater to the new woodworker who is weary to invest heavily into […]

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